Set up Parsec to use iRender servers

Parsec provides the power of a remote desktop, in crystal clear, interactive HD. Connecting through Parsec to work is a replaceable solution in case the remote desktop is unable to use. Some cases using Parsec when:

  • Some types of 3D software need to enable the video card, Adobe Dimension for example, while Remote Desktop Connection disables GPU on those.
  • NV Link is disabled when using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).
  • When using RDP but it’s slow and a bit laggy (this may be due to your location).
  • When using RDP for purposes of playing games or streaming, etc.

There’s a combination between Parsec and a VPN – ZeroTier to connect to iRender servers.

Watch the tutorial video below or read the following instructions:

To set up Parsec

1. Create a Parsec account here

2. Download Parsec

If Parsec doesn’t successfully install, it’s most likely because your anti-virus is blocking the installation. Be sure your anti-virus doesn’t block it. The common culprit is Segurazo/Santivirus/Segantivirus, it often causes installation problems and most of our users don’t even know they have it installed. If you have it, uninstall it completely and restart your computer. In newer variants of Segurazo, you will need to use safe mode and use something like Malwarebytes to remove it.

3. Install Parsec

Parsec needs setting up on both your personal computer and your iRender server.

In case you choose the Per-User installation type, you are Parsec Personal use.

In case you choose Shared installation type, you will join iRender Parsec Team. Some advanced features when you are a member of iRender Parsec Team:

  • Leverage Parsec’s high-performance relay for added performance.
  • Perfect color: 4:4:4 color mode, improving contrast and making fine details stand out.
  • Drawing tablet support: Total pressure and tilt-sensitive drawing tablet inputs mean accurate control over your workstation.

To join iRender Parsec Team, please send your Parsec account via email: or contact iRender support team via live chat or you follow these steps:

  1. Open
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Extra Service.
  3. On the Extra service management page, select SUPPORT TO INSTALL PARSEC and then Continue.
  4. Enter your reason and your email Parsec in the Reasons for review box » SEND REQUEST.

To join iRender Parsec Team, Parsec needs choose Shared installation type at your iRender server.

To use iRender servers through Parsec

1. Log in 

  • Log in to your Parsec account on your PC.
  • Log in to your Parsec account on the iRender server that is being used through .rdp file first.

2. Verify login attempt

  • Whenever you login from a new location on Parsec, you’ll receive an email to verify your login attempt from a new IP address.

In case you cannot find the email, try the following guide:

  • Search for emails titled ‘Verify a login attempt from a new location’
  • Check your spam box for emails of the same title
  • If you have received confirmation emails from Parsec before, make sure that the email Parsec just sent you didn’t automatically get “threaded” (hidden) beneath an older email they sent you. You can identify the email by the IP address, which will match the one shown on the login screen.

  • Once successful log-in on both your PC and iRender server, the Computers tab will display 2 devices like the following photo:

3. Close the current remote desktop

  • You are connecting to the iRender server through the .rdp file. Now, close the current remote desktop  – the .rdp file.

4. Connect through Parsec

  • On your PC, open Parsec. Go to the Computers tab, choose Connect to the iRender server as the following image. 

  • Now, you can connect to the iRender server through Parsec.

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