Why us?

Save your time

It would definitely save your time on the rendering process or training process. Our powerful system can enable you to accelerate these processes much faster than a standard personal computer. The more servers you use, the faster your rendering/training process will be. Sometimes, your hardware such as CPU, GPU, RAM cannot meet the project requirements, but iRender does. Alternatively, rendering or training on iRender does not take up your computer, so you can do other intensive tasks while using our services. 

Save your money

Compared with self-building your render farm, iRender would be much more cost-effective, especially for huge projects. There is no need to invest in robust hardware, pay for electricity bills and maintenance costs, or hire people to manage it. 

Full control

Unlike other SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) render farms, iRender offers full control to customers. It means that you have 100% control of the server as well as your projects. Only you have the right to connect to your server images. In addition, the iRender system enables you to build a whole complex pipeline for CGI, VFX projects ranging from modeling, shading & texturing to rendering, then compositing. You will find it easy to optimize each of the VFX steps for each server type as server types have been built dedicated to specific 3D software and render engines. You then can do the compositing from rendered results because all your data will be synced with any servers you connect.

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