Aug 1 2022

Install Redshift for Houdini – Plugin installation (Windows)

iRender supports automatic activation of Redshift license with Windows operating system. This article will show you how to install Redshift for Houdini (only Windows). To install Redshift for Houdini Run the exe file. After installation, Redshift and the Houdini plugin will be installed in the C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Plugins\Houdini default folder. In case you can not find the […]


Nov 24 2021

Redshift errors and solutions

In this article, we will guide you to deal with some problems encountered when using the Redshift render engine. 1. Render at a low speed on Redshift & Blender/C4D In this case, the software or render engine may not utilize the full GPU performance. Solution  To optimize rendering speed, please configure the render setting as follows: […]