Increase storage capacity

The table below shows the data storage capacity and the number of system images you have based on your accumulated recharge.

Accumulated recharge  Storage capacity in Z drive /GpuHub_Sync Number of system images
Test 20 GB 1
$50 – $249 100 GB 2
$250 – $499 200 GB 3
$500 – $1499 400 GB 4
$1500 – $2999 1 TB 5
$3000 and more 1 TB 20

In case of running out of data storage capacity in Z drive (equivalent to GpuHub_Sync), you can ask for increasing its storage capacity. Contact our customer support team as described in the following procedure.

To increase storage capacity

1. Open

2. In the navigation pane, choose Extra Service.

3. On the Extra service management page, select INCREASE SIZE OF NETWORK DRIVE (Z:) and then Continue.

4. On the Expand storage threshold box, enter the amount of storage you require and the reason.


Request state

Your request will be processed within 48 hours. To check the request state, go to the Extra service history on the Extra service management page.

  • Pending: the request is waiting for our customer support to receive.
  • In progress: the request is being processed.
  • Approved: the request was approved.
  • Rejected: the request was disapproved.

Check your storage capacity on the top-right corner of the iRender dashboard.



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