Octane License at iRender

As far as you know, OctaneRender® is the world’s first and fastest unbiased, spectrally correct GPU render engine, delivering quality and speed unrivaled by any production renderer on the market. OTOY is proud to advance state of the art graphics technologies with groundbreaking machine learning optimizations, out-of-core geometry support, massive 10-100x speed gains in the scene graph, and RTX raytracing GPU hardware acceleration. Therefore, there are more and more professional studios and manufacturers are using Octane for their projects.

You can bring your Octane license to the iRender server, activate it when using the server, and deactivate it before shutdown. This way is good but takes a little time.

Instead, you can use our Octane license(s) when becoming our prime customer.

In case you use OctaneRender for C4D, please follow these steps.
If you use OctaneRender for other 3D software, please contact iRender support team via live chat.

To request Octane licenses

  1. Open https://app.gpuhub.net/.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Extra Service.
  3. On the Extra service management page, select LICENSE SOFTWARE and then Continue.
  4. On the License software request box, choose Octane.
  5. Enter your reason in the Reasons for review box » SEND REQUEST.

Request state

Your request will be processed within 48 hours. Notice that your request for using the iRender’s Octane licenses is only approved when you are our prime customer. When the remote server is ready to use, you contact our customer support via live chat. At that point, our staff will activate the Octane license key to the server you are connecting to.

To check the request state, go to the Extra service history on the Extra service management page.

  • Pending: the request is waiting for our customer support to receive.
  • In progress: the request is being processed.
  • Approved: the request was approved.
  • Rejected: the request was disapproved.

To use our OCtane licenses

1. Connect to the iRender server 

Follow step 6. Connect to the remote server here.

2. Set up the License Management

On the iRender server, go to X drive » right-click the License Manage folder » copy to C drive or Desktop » install it.

3. Connect to the License Management app

Enter your iRender credentials (username and password) » choose License type (Octane license)  » choose Login and Connect License.

At this point, you are connected to our license.

Now, enjoy using our Octane license for your rendering.

Connect the License Management app before opening Octane.

5. Disable License Management app

The License Management app will be disabled when you choose Disconnected License and Logout on this app.

Please close 3D software before you shutdown machine.

OctaneRender Enterprise for 3D software Installation

iRender supports the OctaneRender Enterprise License, so you need to download the correct Octane installation file.

1. Download the OctaneRender plugin from the Downloads page of your OTOY account.

Choose OctaneRender Enterprise for your 3D software » Choose Windows Operating System » Choose Version » Download

2. Install it.

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