iRender Drive

In this article, we are very pleased to announcing a new transfer tool.
We are launching an upgrade called iRender Drive based on Gpuhub-sync application. iRender Drive can massively improve the customer experience: easier, faster, and more effective.

Watch the tutorial video below or read the following instructions:

Download iRender Drive

1. On the top right of the iRender dashboard, choose Downloads.

2. The iRender software page displays the iRender Drive installer on the Windows operating system.

Install iRender Drive

How to use iRender Drive

1. Sign in iRender Drive with your iRender credentials.

2. Upload files by choosing Upload or just using Drag & Drop files.

 Select Upload: You can choose Manual or Keep Local Path:

  • The Manual function is to upload files that will be under the current directory on iRender Drive.
  • The Keep Local Path function allows our system to automatically create a directory on iRender Drive and Z drive that is the same as the root directory on your PC.

Let’s take an example of the Keep local path function. When you upload a file from C:/Documents/Render/, our system then creates a directory on iRender Drive and Z drive like this Z:/C/Documents/Render/.

3. Download files after rendering as described in the Get results step.

Task View: Show job status

  • Uploading/Downloading: the file/folder is uploading to the app or downloading file/folder from app to your local machine. In this state you can Stop/Cancel and Resume/Retry the Job by Right-clicking on the uploading/ downloading job.
  • Completed: Job status has been successfully uploaded/downloaded.


Regularly removing redundant files to free up the space of the iRender Drive/Z drive.

iRender Drive errors and solutions

How to fix the error iRender Drive can’t open

When opening iRender Drive, you may find this app is not responding, the cause may be due to this file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.

Follow the instruction below to solve the issue.

  • Right-click on the file iRenderDriveSetup.exe » Properties » Uncheck the Unlock field » and click OK.
  • Now try reinstalling the iRenderDriveSetup.exe file.
  • If it still does not work, please contact our support team via live chat.

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